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Once the decision has been made to replace your deck rather than restore, the installation process can seem overwhelming. However, with our knowledge and experience providing deck install services it doesn’t have to be. First, we will have an on-sight visit to determine if the decks sub structure is still in good shape or if it needs replaced/repairs. Second, we will guide you through the deck and railing material options. Third we come out and do the installation. Tear off, sub structure repairs (if needed), decking install and railing install. Fourth and finally we will do an on-sight inspection of the work and then the deck is yours to enjoy!

Every deck is individual. So is our approach.

Every deck is individual.
So is our approach.

Why you should replace your deck

If your deck has widespread rot, damaged deck boards, or structural concerns, it’s likely that restoration won’t be enough to sufficiently address your deck’s needs, and a full deck replacement would be a better option. A damaged deck is not only unsightly but can pose a safety hazard. You may also be looking at deck replacement to reduce the amount of maintenance required and eliminate the need for staining. We offer deck installation with wood options of Cedar or Ipe, and composite options of Trex or TimberTech. Often, your deck’s substructure or the underneath framing supports may be solid, even if the top deck boards need to be replaced. In this case, we can replace just the top deck boards saving you cost! We also offer structural repairs to address any problems with the supports or joists of your deck. In addition to replacing the deck boards and repairs to the deck substructure, we offer both metal and wood railing installation. If you’re deciding between repairs or a full replacement and aren’t sure which option is best for you, contact us for quotes on both options.

  • Widespread rot or damage to your deck
  • Structural concerns
  • Upgrade decking materials


Karen V.

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We appreciated the gutter clean and roof blow we just had completed! Very easy to get a quote and schedule the job.

Ben S.

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The work was done quickly and efficiently and have earned this 5 star review with great communication, hard work and dedication to their customers!

Brian C.

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NW Surface Cleaner washed our deck, sanded the railing, and stained it. The deck looks great!

Frequently asked questions

When do you know if a deck replacement is necessary?2023-04-17T10:43:32-08:00

You’ll want to consider the age and condition of your deck. Generally speaking, a cedar deck will last 20-25 years and the age is a good indication of when replacement will be needed. Most of the time you will start to see signs of rot/softness on the ends of boards and around the screws/nails. If your deck has widespread rot, damage and deterioration on the surface boards, steps, or railings, likely, you need deck replacement. If you notice significant damage or rot to the decks framing underneath also probably time for a deck replacement. If only a few boards need to be repaired or replaced, we also offer deck repair and restoration to extend the life of your existing deck.

How long does a deck replacement project usually take?2023-03-12T13:54:25-08:00

On average, a deck replacement project will take between 3 – 5 days.

What is composite decking? How long does it last?2023-04-17T10:43:11-08:00

Composite decking is an alternative option to wood. Composite decking is an engineered product that is a mix of wood fibers and recycled plastic material. These products are a low maintenance option for those who don’t want the hassle of having to stain their wood deck every few years. NW Surface Cleaner offers deck installation with composite products from either Trex or TimberTech. A composite deck generally lasts for 20-30 years and comes with a fade, stain and physical integrity warranty.

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