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Bring your Deck back to its Original Character

Regular deck maintenance beautifies the deck as well as extends the life of the deck. It makes the deck safer to use and keeps it from being slippery. Deck maintenance protects the homeowner’s investment and adds value to their home.

Extend your Deck Life

Years of wear and tear on a well-made deck can turn the highlight of your outdoor space into a potential safety hazard for everyone involved. We maintain and repair your old decks by replacing and sanding any slippery or broken boards. By using our hands on and environmentally friendly processes, we breath new life into your old and broken decks.

Man Staining Deck Deck Cleaning & Restoration

Eco Friendly & Easy on your Home

We are an environmentally conscientious company that cares for the planet just as much as we care about the work we do. Doing all our jobs by hand, using green products, and if need be, using a high volume low-pressure wash to remove the unwanted and harmful moss and mold that decreases the lifespan of your decks.


A properly cared for deck can add beauty and value to your home. If left untreated for too long, your deck can deteriorate and become a dangerous place for you and your family. At NW Surface Cleaner we clean, inspect, repair, and waterproof decks using only environmentally friendly cleaning methods.


  • Deck cleaning
  • Replacing damaged or loose boards
  • Sanding or resurfacing if needed
  • Staining or refinishing if desired
  • Protecting with EPA-approved natural wood oils


  • How do you clean decks?

    We use all green products, cleaners, and strippers. Depending on the job, we use low pressure high volume wash and sand decks to give it that perfect finish after staining.

  • Do you also repair decks?

    We do minor repairs such as replacing damaged boards etc. However, if the deck repair need is more severe, we will refer to a deck builder.

  • Do you sand?

    Yes, all of our decks are sanded for the highest quality finish after the job is complete.

  • Is the deck stain oil based?

    Yes. This helps restore lost oils and protect against harmful sunlight rays. We use the best stains available for the longest lasting treatment.

  • How long does the treatment last?

    We apply the treatment by hand so it will last longer. These treatments can last for about 3-4 years.

  • What type of products do you use?

    We use oil based stains with UV protection with different pigments that give it a beautiful finish.

  • How long have you been staining decks?

    I have been working with cedar roofs and decks since 1983. My passion for wood shows in my decks once refinished.

  • Who does the work?

    It is a team of skilled and experienced employees, including my son Kevin, who completes each job. This team gives the customer a professional job with the highest quality.

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