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Preserving your deck one board at a time

Decks are made to be celebrated. BBQs, sunbathing, long afternoon talks. But when your deck becomes slippery, weathered, damanged, or rotted, then it loses its original luster and becomes a liability. Our cleaning, sanding, and staining services will get your deck back to its original glory while ensuring you don’t have to replace the deck prematurely. We take a craftsman approach to our services, using eco-friendly products and low impact methods. Extend the life of your deck. Get your quote today.

Every deck is custom. So is our approach.

Every deck is custom.
So is our approach.


Karen V.

Rating Stars

We appreciated the gutter clean and roof blow we just had completed! Very easy to get a quote and schedule the job.

Ben S.

Rating Stars

The work was done quickly and efficiently and have earned this 5 star review with great communication, hard work and dedication to their customers!

Brian C.

Rating Stars

NW Surface Cleaner washed our deck, sanded the railing, and stained it. The deck looks great!

Frequently asked questions

How do you clean decks?2019-09-14T10:34:19-08:00

We use green products, cleaners, brighteners, and strippers in combination with our whirl-a-way surface cleaners.

Do you also repair decks?2019-09-14T10:35:32-08:00

Yes, we do board replacements, railings, and stairs. Contact us for additional details.

Do you sand?2019-09-14T10:37:03-08:00

Yes. We use non-aggressive fine grit sanding paper to remove old stain and weathered appearance to preserve the wood and prevent scaring. All of our decks are sanded to the highest quality of finish after the job is complete.

Is the deck stain oil-based?2019-09-14T10:37:49-08:00

Yes. This helps restore lost oils and protect against harmful sunlight rays. We use the best stains available for the longest lasting treatment. Oil-based stains fade out, as opposed to water-based stains peal over time.

How long does the treatment last?2019-09-14T10:38:52-08:00

We apply deck treatments by hand so they last longer. Hand-applied treatments can last 2-4 years depending on your environment and the transparency of stain that is applied.

Who does the work?2019-09-14T10:40:21-08:00

From start to finish, Kevin oversees the project with a team of qualified professionals united by our drive to ensure that your home is living its best life.

How long have you been staining decks?2019-06-30T12:31:14-08:00

We’ve been working with cedar roofs and decks since 1983. Our passion for wood shows in the decks we refinish.

Love your home. Hire us today.

Love your home.
Hire us today.

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