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Improve and maintain your outdoor living spaces with our surface cleaning solutions. Is your home ready to reclaim its youth? Our low pressure, high volume cleaning transforms driveways, gutters, siding, fences, and pretty much anything else that qualifies as a surface. With eco-friendly products, we treat each surface as an entity unto itself.

Every surface is unique. So is our approach.

Every surface is unique.
So is our approach.


Karen V.

Rating Stars

We appreciated the gutter clean and roof blow we just had completed! Very easy to get a quote and schedule the job.

Ben S.

Rating Stars

The work was done quickly and efficiently and have earned this 5 star review with great communication, hard work and dedication to their customers!

Brian C.

Rating Stars

NW Surface Cleaner washed our deck, sanded the railing, and stained it. The deck looks great!

Frequently asked questions

How long do driveway sealers last?2019-09-21T10:45:26-08:00

We apply seals by hand rolling and back spraying so they last longer. Depending on the product, the seal lasts about three years.

What does a driveway seal look like?2019-09-21T10:46:06-08:00

It’s a clear finished barrier that can appear glossy or have no appearance at all.

Will pressure washing surfaces damage them?2019-09-21T10:48:06-08:00

We’ve built our business on carefully cleaning surfaces of every kind. Our methods utilize soft-wash low-pressure cleanings solutions to ensure no damage is done.

Love your home. Hire us today.

Love your home.
Hire us today.

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