SW Portland Cedar Deck Refresh for Summer

We love repeat customers

Many of our customers plan to stay home this summer, which allows the opportunity to refresh and extend the use of their outdoor spaces. Ann, a former customer in the Hillsdale neighborhood of SW Portland, had us complete a full sanding, washing, and staining process on her home’s cedar deck in 2017. This year we returned to perform maintenance and resurfacing to keep Ann’s deck in shape through the season.

Cedar is naturally resistant to splitting, warping, decay, and insects, so our team didn’t need to perform any significant repairs to the deck, originally constructed in 2005. After securing a few loose deck boards with new screws and pressure-washing all floors, walls, and ceilings with cleaning solution, we began sanding to allow the cedar material to absorb the stain as best possible.


All parts of the deck were sanded with an 80-grit paper using a floor sander, then re-sanded at 120-grit with an orbital sander to remove splinters and any remaining stain from our 2017 visit. We used an oil-based finish stain to treat the deck, walls, and ceilings. High-traffic and more noticeably weathered areas were treated with a special semi-transparent stain that will protect and maintain the pigmentation of the wood until another visit is needed in a few years. These stains are not available at big-box retailers, so we appreciate return-customers who trust us to protect their investment.

Covid-19 Precautions

In addition to protecting our customers’ investments, we are protecting our customers by following current state-recommended guidelines. Our crew wears masks, keeps their hands sanitized, and maintains a safe social-distance with customers at all times. We also do not enter our customers’ homes at any time during estimation or while performing services.

This project took two total days to complete with three crew members washing, sanding, and staining. After just a couple of days of drying, the deck will be ready for Ann to enjoy. We’re happy to hear that Ann was pleased with the results and plans to have NW Surface Cleaners revisit in three years!

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