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Roofing Repair: Your Roof is Our Roof

Owning a home can come with many challenges and expenses.  One of the biggest sources of these can come from your roof.  While your roof can seem small and inconsequential when in great condition, the real headache arises when you need repairs.  That’s where our job comes in!  We are here to make this daunting task as simple as a phone call.  We will work with you to get the work done quickly while minimize costs and preserving, or even improving, the remaining life of your roof.  As a small family owned business, we pride ourselves on quality and integrity and feel that it sets us apart, and what will save you money.

With the proper maintenance your roof will be there to protect you and your family.  We want to be there to protect your roof.  Your roof is our roof, and that is something that we are here to prove to you.  From the first moment that you call, we are committed to treating your roof as if it were our own.  Our assessment is not only our professional opinion, but also the same work we would do on our own home.  For leaking roofs and skylights, we will replace damaged shingles and flashing.  To improve the life of your roof, we will check for poor attack airflow and add vents as needed, carefully clean your roof and gutters of debris and moss, and most importantly, provide yearly maintenance.  The integrity of your roof is important to us, and we are here to do everything we can to preserve it.

Your roof is there to protect you and your home.  While it may not be necessary to replace your whole roof, putting off repairs can cost you a lot of money.  When problems are caught early, it is easy for us to come out and inspect your roof to determine what work needs to be done in order to fix the damage.  We will then repair the damage, clean and treat the rest of the roof and gutters to help prevent problems in the future.  These small fixes can save you thousands of dollars by avoiding or preventing the need for a new roof.  With our help we can maintain the life of your roof, giving you the 30+ years that you, and your roof, deserve.


Let us show you our commitment to your roof.  Give us a call today and we will come right out to make sure your roof is ready to protect you with these simple steps:

  • Inspect your roof’s integrity
  • Replace damaged or worn out shingles
  • Replace or add roof vents to improve attack air flow (either low-pressure water or air burst)
  • Replace damaged flashing to prevent leaks from your roof and skylight
  • Clean roof & gutters of moss and debris
  • Yearly maintenance to preserve the life of your roof
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  • Why choose NW Surface Cleaners?

    We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our work.  We are a small, family owned business with over 35 years of experience.  We promise to do the work you need at a level of satisfaction above what is expected.  If the work isn’t to your standards, give us a call and we will come right back out to fix anything.

  • Is it time to replace my roof?

    Give us a call, we will come out right away to take a look at the roof.  We will be honest with you and let you know when you do need to replace your whole roof or when a simple repair is needed.  Most of the time small repairs can be completed in order to preserve the life of your roof.  If, and when, you do need to replace your roof we will refer you to a company we know and trust.

  • How much can I save by having you repair and maintaining my roof?

    The average new roof in the Portland area is costing homeowners well over fifteen thousand dollars.  By catching the small repairs early and maintain a clean roof, you can maximize the roof life of your home and save thousands.  We are committed to helping you save money by properly maintain your roof for you.  Saving you time and money!  

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