Roof Cleaning: A Necessity for Pacific Northwest Homes

The Pacific Northwest is known for its natural beauty, but the heavy rains and abundance of trees make exterior home maintenance even more important. One key aspect of home maintenance in the Pacific Northwest is regular roof cleanings to remove moss growth and debris. Regular cleanings will prolong the life of your roof, prevent leaks, and help to ensure that water flows off and away from your home properly, protecting your foundation.

NW Surface Cleaner is a family business and has been cleaning roofs for nearly 40 years. An initial benefit of hiring the professionals at NW Surface Cleaner to clean your roof is that our owner, Kevin, personally goes out to your home to provide an initial inspection and estimate. In this initial inspection, Kevin will identify any areas of damage that need immediate repair and assesses the overall condition of your roof.

After the inspection and any immediate repairs are complete, NW Surface Cleaner’s team of trained professionals will complete a thorough cleaning of your roof. Heavy rain, combined with shade and debris from surrounding trees, makes roofs in the Pacific Northwest ideal surfaces for moss to grow and thrive. As moss grows on your roof, it will hold moisture and can even lift shingles. This can lead to mold, leaks, and wood rot. During our roof cleaning service, NW Surface Cleaner will hand scrub all existing moss off of your roof. We are focused on thoroughly cleaning your roof, without damaging the roof itself. Hand scrubbing allows us to remove moss while being gentler on your roof than other cleaning methods – such as pressure washing. After scrubbing is complete, we use an air system to remove all loose debris from your roof and gutters. By clearing debris, we ensure that water can flow properly off your home and away from your foundation.

When the cleaning is complete, our team provides you with a maintenance plan developed for the specific needs of your roof. We generally recommend either an annual or biannual cleaning depending on the condition of your roof and the tree coverage surrounding your roof. By sticking to a regular maintenance plan, cleanings will be less expensive, and not as hard on your roof, as there will be less moss build-up to remove and less scrubbing needed.

NW Surface Cleaner provides roof cleaning services in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area year-round. Click here to request your initial inspection and estimate now.

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Love your home.
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