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West Linn: Barrington Heights Deck Repair

Brook, a homeowner in the Barrington Heights neighborhood of West Linn, contacted NW Surface Cleaner to request an estimate for refinishing his back yard deck. As we did a preliminary walkthrough of the project, we found that many of the decking boards were rotting. Due to the deck’s condition, we recommended a full replacement of the decking boards instead of just sanding and staining them as Brook had initially requested.

“We appreciate Kevin’s transparency − we’re happy we listened and replaced the floorboards instead of trying to salvage what we had.”

NW Surface Cleaner advises that homeowners complete basic maintenance, including cleaning, sanding, and staining/painting, of their deck at least every 2-3 years to extend the deck’s lifetime and protect the wood’s appearance. Certain environmental factors, such as being underneath trees that drop a high volume of leaves and other debris onto the deck, can affect how frequently your deck will need maintenance.

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We used 2×6 tight knot cedar for the replacement decking boards. Cedar is naturally resistant to water, rot, and insect activity, making it an excellent material choice for decks. The deck’s decay was limited to the decking boards, so we did not need to replace the joists, footings, or railings. The boards were installed with stainless steel decking screws and were kept at their full 16-foot length, spanning the deck’s entire width. We intentionally spaced the boards with a ¼” gap in between to allow water to drain through and the wood to expand and contract.

The full project took one day with a crew of three working to remove and replace the decking boards. The old decking boards were able to be recycled at a waste processing facility. We were pleased to be able to assist Brook in restoring his deck, and we are looking forward to returning in the Spring to sand and stain the deck!

In addition to protecting our customers’ investments, we are protecting our customers by following current state-recommended guidelines. Our crew wears masks, keeps their hands sanitized, and maintains a safe social-distance with customers at all times. We also do not enter our customers’ homes at any time during estimation or while performing services.

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