Tigard Roof Cleaning Project

Why you need to do regular roof cleaning

Roofing can be a costly investment for homeowners, and as such most people are interested in seeing the highest longevity possible from their roof. While the materials used do constrain the lifespan of your roof, regular maintenance and cleaning will significantly impact whether or not your roof performs to the highest standard.

This month we’ve been working in Tigard’s Southview neighborhood. We started working on a roof cleaning job for a customer’s culdesac home, and the word spread quickly. Next thing we knew, neighbor Patty Ann was contacting us for help with her roof. Patty Ann’s roof is a composition roof with an expected lifespan of 50 years.

Do you have trees causing regular buildup and debris?

Patty Ann explained to us her roof regularly has moss buildup from a tree in her neighbor’s backyard. Moss buildup on roofs can cause roof sheathing to decay and lead to serious structural issues. The tree was cut down recently, and Patty Ann wanted a fresh start for her roof.

To protect the structural integrity of Patty Ann’s roof, we proposed a thorough roof cleaning. We cleaned each shingle by hand with brushing tools to remove the moss. Our experienced crew hand cleans to prevent any damage to the roof during cleaning. Once we cleaned the roof, the next step was to apply an eco-friendly treatment to prevent future buildup. We spray this treatment on during a dry day, and then our Pacific Northwest rain finishes the job.

We take job site cleanup seriously. During the cleaning process, our crew is continuously removing debris from the roof and ground to keep the job site clean. Once the work is complete, we use back-pack blowers to clear the roof and ground of any remaining debris.

Start to finish, this project took a full day of work, and there were no injuries. The work completed during this job will last at least three years and will assist the roof in surviving its entire 50-year lifespan.

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