Fence Staining in Tigard, Oregon

Staining your fence can go a long way

Western Red Cedar has a higher price tag than some other fencing and decking products but is popular among homeowners due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. Basic maintenance of your cedar fence can protect your investment and keep your fence looking great for years. A properly applied stain will extend your fence’s life and maintain its natural red coloring.

Both paint and stain can protect wood from weathering, but there are a few advantages to using a stain. Stain absorbs into the wood, instead of sitting on the surface, which enhances the wood’s natural look, instead of obscuring it. Stain also doesn’t chip or peel as paint does, which makes re-application a less intensive process. Newly installed cedar should be allowed to weather slightly before applying a stain, which makes the wood more porous, enabling the stain to penetrate more fully.

We recommend oil-based stains for cedar fences

This spring, Brian installed a new Western Red Ceder fence around his back yard in SW Tigard. After allowing the weathering process to begin, Brian started to look for contractors to handle the staining and found NW Surface Cleaner through a referral from his neighbors.

For this project, we used an oil-based stain that will protect the fence by resisting UV light, water, insect activity, and rot. We used a low-VOC stain, which makes the project safer and less toxic for the family and the environment. Before staining, we cleaned the fence and prepped the yard by temporarily covering the plants with plastic tarping to protect them from the stain. As always, maintaining a clean job site and respecting the homeowner’s property is of utmost importance to NW Surface Cleaner. We used a paint sprayer to apply the stain in an even coating and completed the project in less than a full day.

Brian was pleased with the final result, knowing that he’ll be able to enjoy his fence showcasing the natural beauty of Western Red Cedar for many years to come.

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