Concrete Roof Tile Cleaning & Treatment

Clean your tile roof, to get the full life out of it

Investing in a concrete tile roof is a significant investment upfront, but for many of our customers, it pays off. They reap the benefits of low maintenance, curb appeal, fire safety, and even energy efficiency. But like all roof types in our rainy northwest climate, they are subject to significant moss growth. For our customer, Mike, located in Portland’s Cedar Mills neighborhood, cleaning and treating his concrete tile roof is a must to protect his investment. If customers like Mike continue to maintain their roof regularly, it can last up to 50 years! The average composite roof lasts about 25-30 years, in comparison.

This year Mike called us out to clean the roof and apply a treatment later this Spring (when the weather improves). The home sits under a canopy of trees, so moss is chronically a problem. We carefully cleaned each tile with a chemical-free wash to eliminate moss, algae, and general debris from the surface of the roof. Our washing included cleaning out the gutters and clearing any clogged downspouts so that water can flow freely through the system. Finally, we performed a thorough cleaning around the home of any debris that dropped onto the ground. Our service technicians have experience as tile roofers, so they know how to work on the roof safely and not damage individual tiles. Our team is also capable of replacing any damaged tiles you may have. The customer was impressed with our cleanliness writing us, “I left a tip for the guys! They did such a good job cleaning up after themselves, the place looks great!”

How long does the roof moss treatment last?

For a roof like this, the cleaning will last about 12 months, and the treatment will keep the roof moss free for up to 3 years. The lifespan is mostly dependent on the trees and other nearby debris landing on the home. For Mike’s house, we recommended tree trimming to keep debris from regularly falling on his roof and enable more sunlight on the roof’s surface, which will help mitigate moss growth. Our treatment works on all roof types, and no matter if your roof is tile, wood, or composition, annual roof cleaning is vital to maximize the life of the surface. This project required a team of two service techs and took a full day to complete. We’ve worked with this customer for a total of five years and will continue to service his roof and other surfaces for years to come. At NW Surface Cleaner, your roof is our roof!

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