Myth-Busting: Pressure-Washing Wood Decks

Myth 1: Pressure-washing is bad for decks; it damages and splinters the wood.

Fact: When pressure-washers are used properly, they are an excellent tool to ensure that a wood deck is thoroughly cleaned.  It is only when pressure-washers are used improperly that they damage wood decks. Proper pressure-washing does not harm wood decks and effectively cleans the wood; removing unwanted buildup and helping to restore the look of the deck.

Myth 2: Pressure-washing is a simple task that I can easily DIY.

Fact: Proper pressure-washing is a skill that requires technical knowledge and experience. Even though pressure-washers are available for individual purchase, improper operation of pressure-washers can not only damage your property, but can also result in injury. If misdirected, the high pressure spray of pressure-washers can damage a person’s skin or eyes in an instant.

Myth 3: Pressure-washing a deck is only for aesthetic purposes.

Fact: While proper pressure-washing does enhance the look of a wood deck, it is also an important regular maintenance item to ensure that your deck is safe for your family and friends to enjoy. Overtime, moss, algae, mold, and grime buildup on wood decks, making the deck surface slick and a safety hazard for anyone who walks on it. A proper pressure- washing will remove any buildup so that the surface is no longer slick and is safe for use. Depending on the amount of exposure your deck gets, a professional deck cleaning should occur between every 1-3 years to help ensure that your deck is safe to use and to increase the life-span of your deck.

Myth 4: Pressure-washing a deck will restore the deck to look like new.

Fact: Pressure washing will thoroughly clean a wood deck; however, over time wood decks will show wear that can not be remedied with cleaning alone. Exposure to the elements and regular use will cause a deck to look lackluster. In these cases, a stain treatment is a great solution to not only restore the look of the deck, but also to preserve and protect the wood. Before a deck can be stained, it must be thoroughly cleaned, making pressure-washing an excellent tool for preparing a deck for staining. For most decks, a new stain treatment should be applied every 2-4 years.

Consider Scheduling a Professional Deck Cleaning & Restoration Service

Improper use of pressure-washers can result in injury and property damage; however, when done properly, pressure-washing is an excellent method to thoroughly clean and prepare wood decks for staining. At NW Surface Cleaner, our trained technicians have years of experience pressure-washing various types of surfaces to ensure that your deck is cleaned properly. Additionally, if your deck is in need of further restoration, our trained technicians have years of experience sanding, repairing, and staining decks.

NW Surface Cleaner, is a family owned and operated business that has been providing deck cleaning services for the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan area for nearly 40 years. NW Surface Cleaner follows current state-recommended COVID-19 guidelines. Our crews wear masks, keep their hands sanitized, and maintain a safe social-distance with customers at all times. We also do not enter our customers’ homes at any time during estimation or while performing services. Click here for more information about our deck services or to request a free estimate.

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