Cleaning and Maintaining Composition Roofs

Composition roofs are a low-cost and low-maintenance option for homeowners, so it is no wonder that they are the most popular roof type found on homes today. Composition roofs are made up of shingles that are composed of multiple materials, typically: fiberglass, asphalt, and protective mineral granules. These materials make composition roofs durable and fire-resistant. With proper upkeep, composition roofs typically have a life span of 25 – 50 years, making them a solid investment. However, confusion about how to properly clean and maintain these roofs can lead to premature deterioration and the need for repairs.

Susceptible to Moss Growth

Composition roofs are susceptible to moss growth. When moss grows on a composition roof, the moss acts as a sponge and traps moisture against the roof. Over time, this moisture can cause the shingles to deteriorate and lead to leaks in your roof. We know that the damp overcast conditions of the Pacific Northwest make our location a prime area for moss growth. Thus, it is even more important for Pacific Northwest homeowners to stay on top of regular cleaning and maintenance to remove moss build-up and to ensure that moss growth is not shortening the life of your composition roof.

Cleaning Your Composition Roof

When it comes to removing moss and build-up, it is very important that you do NOT pressure wash your composition roof. Pressure washing your composition roof will loosen and remove the protective granules from the shingles, causing your roof to deteriorate faster and be more susceptible to damage. The proper way to clean your composition roof is to hand scrub the shingles and then blow the debris off with either a backpack or hand blower. NW Surface Cleaner has been using this method to clean composition roofs for nearly 40 years. Hand scrubbing your shingles removes moss growth and other build-up without damaging your roof. Once the shingles have been scrubbed, it is important to blow the debris off the roof and out of your gutters to prevent new moss growth and to ensure that water can flow off and away from your home properly.

Maintaining Your Composition Roof

Once your roof is clean, the next step to maintaining your roof is to apply a preventative treatment to prevent moss growth in the first place. Applying a preventative treatment will not only slow moss growth but will also ensure that when it is time for your next roof cleaning, less scrubbing will be needed. In turn, future cleanings should take less time, be less expensive, and will not be as hard on your roof. It is important to schedule regular roof cleanings, and regular preventative treatments, to reap these benefits. Depending on the condition of your roof and the tree coverage surrounding your home, we generally recommend either an annual or biannual cleaning and preventative treatment application.

With proper cleaning and maintenance, your composition roof can last for well over two decades. Lengthen the life of your investment and request a professional cleaning today.

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