4 Important Benefits Of Deck Refinishing

Though not often thought about, your deck gets a lot of use. You’ve probably spent a lot of time pacing those boards, having chats with your loved ones, having summer barbecues, or just lounging around basking in the sun.

With all the use your deck gets, it needs some extra care from time to time. The best way to make sure your deck stands the test of time is with professional deck refinishing. It is an effective process that gets your deck looking brand-new in no time. During this process, an expert will not only clean your deck enough to make it shine, but they may also add new stain and a waterproof coating that keeps it going through the seasons. If you’re looking for the best deck refinishing services in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, look no further than NW Surface Cleaner. Here are all the benefits you can get out of deck refinishing:

1) Improved safety


Over the years, your deck can get slick due to the build-up of algae. A slippery surface, especially one that’s outdoors, can pose a major risk to you and your loved one’s safety. To make matters even worse, the surface might not even look slippery, which can lull people into a false sense of security. When you get your deck refinished, you’ll mitigate this risk and provide a safer space where people can walk without the risk of falling.

2) Extend your deck’s life


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages you can get out of deck refinishing is making your deck last longer. It’s only natural that wood begins to rot as the years go by. It has to deal with everything the pacific northwest weather throws at it. The constant wet weather allows organics such as moss, mold and algae to grow which in turn shortens the life of the wood.

If you let things go on as they are, without getting the deck refinished, it won’t be long before it completely rots away. Once that happens, you’ll have to pay big bucks and spend a lot of time getting your deck completely replaced. A deck refinishing is a much more financially viable option that gives your deck the strength to outlast the seasons.

3) Increases property value


Regardless of whether or not you’re going to sell your home in the near future, it’s good to invest in regular maintenance that keeps your home looking and functioning at its best. Deck refinishing increases the life of the wood and therefore allows you to sell the home with the current deck passing inspection.

4) Increases your home’s beauty


Another advantage of deck refinishing is how increasing the aesthetic look of the wood will make your outdoor living space a better place to spend time on the summer days in the backyard. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference clean and shiny decks can make to the overall vibe of your home.


Deck refinishing services in the Portland Metro area

Call NW Surface Cleaner today for affordable deck refinishing services in your area. We offer free estimates to ensure you are comfortable with the services we provide. We treat your deck with the skilled hand of a craftsman and take painstaking care to ensure our solution fits your deck perfectly. Additionally, we only use eco-friendly products and low-impact methods. Click here to schedule your deck refinishing project now.

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